Maverick, the new extruder company

The Maverick Extruder Development Group is a division of Wenger that offers more advanced and more efficient solutions, providing confidence in the business while maintaining the principles of leadership, accuracy and quality of Wenger equipment.

The Maverick Division was born of the need of the market that sought the right option, the right measure of its investment. In market research, the Group questioned the needs of medium-sized, small and large companies that wanted a line of standard equipment with the same qualities and technologies as the largest company in the world but offering versatility while maintaining the quality and technology of the group. Thus, was born the Maverick Extruder Development Group.

We started our operations in Latin America in May 2016 and in Asia in 2018, providing the market with equipment with more competitive prices, maintaining quality and service. The sales and technical staff are able to offer a unique and differentiated service, maintaining the standards of excellence.

With the Maverick brand, the Wenger Group reinforces its commitment to its customers.The new division will offer more investment opportunities and greater business flexibility, meeting every need, including financing through FINAME. All Maverick equipment will be manufactured in Brazil, at the new Wenger plant in Valinhos (SP).

In the Maverick division, the concept of adapted or modified equipment allows the customer to upgrade their equipment with total or partial replacement, as well as economic viability.

Born from industry-leading knowledge, tailored specifically to your opportunities.