Vertical Cooler

Vertical Cooler Models 96 and 108

Maverick offers a VC-108 and VC-96 Vertical Cooler line with double wall: internal perforated in stainless steel and external air plenum cone.

The airlock is responsible for the homogeneous product inlet. The air is drawn through the product by a uniform and constant circulation over the entire surface ensuring a superior consistency for the whole lot.

The Vertical Cooler shave the main features:

• Sanitary design engineered for quick and complete clean-out.

• Minimal moving parts dramatically reduce downtime and cost.

•Carbon Steel framework and a stainless steel internal screen.

• Ideally suited to a wide variety of products and applications.

Maverick offer the cooling system for application in the different are as of performance from pet food to aqua feed.If you’re looking to reduce operational costs while maintaining consistent finished product, Maverick cooling system is the best choice. Consult one of our sellers.

Vertical Cooling Systems Specification

Model Working Volume Max. Cooling Air
ft³ ft³/min m³/min
VC-108 263 7.4 12000 336
VC-96 180 5.0 8000 224