Single Screw Extruder MVK Series

Performance, productivity, efficiency and a capital return of your equipment

Maverick extruders assure greater production potential with more available energy. This greater production potential is the result of the new drive and unique design of the screw flighting and the barrel ribbing. The combination of the flight depth, pitch profile, and effective helix angle optimize the conversion of mechanical energy into heat through friction while minimizing shear damage.


Barrel components -screws, barrel sleeves, and shearlocks -are proprietary stainless steel alloys. The result is greater resistance to wear, increased barrel life, and significant reductions in extruder maintenance and operating costs.

V-belt drive, with fixed speeds that depends on the application of specific mechanical energy (kW/Ton)

More available efficient for more productivity

Maverick Series MVK® Single Screw Extruder
Hourly Output Specification

Standard relation length over diameter (L/D) de 11.2:1 is offered with the Extruder
Relation of 13.1:1 is available for consulation
Model Screw Diameter Motor Power Hourly Output*
MVK-6K 165 mm 150 kW (200HP) 3750-6000 kg/hr
MVK-10K 216 mm 275 kW (300HP) 7500-10000 kg/hr

*The maximum production indicated on the table above are typically from extruded feed and expanded dry for dogs, with bulk density of 350 g/L and 22% of protein.Real production and power requirement depend on formula, product specification and extruder barrel configuration. MAVERICK will ensure the system capacity after the formulas are appropriately evaluated.

Main Benefits

  • 30 to 50% increase in production capacity.
  • Improved control of product textural attributes.
  • Improved control of product bulk density.
  • Improved mechanical energy utilization.
  • Lower capital costs per unit throughput.
  • Reduced sensitivity to component wear.
  • Improved processing of rations with high carbohydrate content.
  • Reduced processing costs.
  • Models available only with V-belt.
  • High cost benefit.V-belt drive, with fixed speeds that depends on the application of specific mechanical energy (kW/Ton).
  • Live-Bottom Bin and Screw Feeder

    Cylindrical Bin is built and made entirely in stainless steel and is assembled with speed screw feeder which ensure a uniform and constant flow of granular/farinaceous material mixed in the extruder.Gravimetric feed rate control is optional.

    HSC (High Shear Conditioner)

    The HSC enable prior hydration and heating, controlled by steam addition sections (or water or meat suspensions) before adhering to the extruder barrel.

    Steam and water are injected into the large-diameter end of the conditioner. As the diameter and volume decrease toward the smallerend of the unit, shear rate is increased.Elevated mixing intensity for increased cook levels.

    Aditional Components

    Die Installation

    Allow quickly and accurate changing and adjustment of the die installation, by minimizing the installation time between different products in shape and size.The knife drive is mounted on a die to distribute the blade wear over its entire area.

    Automated Process Control (APC)

    Controls the starting, the operation and the system stopping. It regulates the extruder production, the process temperature and the liquid injection, besides to fully monitor all the post-extruder operation required to optimize the product fabrication.

    Optional Components

    Back Pressure Valve (BPV)

    Mounted on the end of the extruder prior to the final die, providing on-line control of shear stress and SME for regulation of product characteristics, including: size and uniformity of cell structure, shape definition, starch gelatinization, bulk density and liquid absorption.

    Plumbing Rack

    These standard features save installation expenses, time, effort and the typical system start-up delays that can plague the commission ing of a new equipment installations.All required plumbing hardware are mounted on a separate skid package with all items connected and mounted to the framework that follows a common header.