Retrofit for single screw extruders.

Performance, productivity, efficiency and a capital return of your equipment

Maverick MVKR Retrofit Line for Extruders offers an option for replacing the extruder using the same existing peripherals, a quick changeover with immediate and surprising result.


Extrusion system upgrade with increased production capacity, improved efficiency, impactful performance on the end product.

The maximum production indicated on the table above are typically from extruded feed and expanded dry for dogs, with bulk density of 350 g/L and 22% of protein. Real production and power requirement depend on formula, product specification and extruder barrel configuration. MAVERICK will ensure the system capacity after the formulas are appropriately evaluated.

Maverick offers a standard and adaptable line of equipment to the market, ensuring the reliability and quality of the equipment manufactured by the Wenger Group, considering business flexibility.